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Why pay commission just for showcasing your products! Create your own ecommerce website with every powerful sales feature to grab your customer and convert easily.

Know Before You Start!

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Having your own ecommerce will help you to showcase your products with your own strategy and manage everything easily. While joining any multi-vendor platform needs a good amount of commission, if you launch your own ecommerce, you can enjoy full share of your income. At Info9 Technologies, you get free web-app with your ecommerce to reach more customers easily.

Any custom technology can provide you an excellent ecommerce, provided you have a good developer. It’s up to the skill, experience and passion of the developer to provide you with an outstanding ecommerce. For most of the startups, it’s an excellent decision to go with WordPress in combination to WooCommerce to get attractive, flexible and feature-packed ecommerce.

There are several types of sales features that can increase the conversion rate of an ecommerce. Some of those are:

  • Strategic CTA Button
  • Easy Product Navigation
  • Deals, Offers & Coupons
  • Online Payment
  • Live Chat
  • Easy Checkout
  • And more…

Shopify is a dedicated platform to build drag-and-drop ecommerce websites. The problem with Shopify is that generic packages offer you very limited flexibility on your business strategy, layout and features. Whereas, you can build an outstanding ecommerce using WordPress at half of that cost. Also, you get outstanding support, flexibility in features and design and lots more by choosing WordPress as your technology. So, initially, if you have a low budget, you should go for WordPress, else go for any other high-end custom technologies for better features.

You need a domain and server for any kind of website development. For ecommerce, what extra you need are Payment Gateway for online payment and Shipping API for seamless shipping. Apart from these, you may require some other things based on your need. Consult with an expert for discussion and guidance on these factors.

When you develop an ecommerce where only one vendor will upload products, it is called single-vendor ecommerce. But, when multiple vendors showcase their products in any ecommerce the complexity regarding commission, shipping price, tax, tracking etc. increases drastically. So, in general, multi-vendor ecommerce costs higher compared to single-vendor ecommerce.

Of course! WordPress along with WooCommerce can be one of the best technologies to build a robust, fast, attractive and feature-packed ecommerce website. Almost 24% of global ecommerce are developed using WordPress and that tells a lot about its efficiency.


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