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Your website will tell about your business — clearly, efficiently and tactfully. Create custom business website with all important sections and pages at affordable price.

Business Website Development in USA & India

Get fully handcrafted website as per your business domain. Select what kind of website you need and get details, price and developing process.

    How to Start?

    Developing custom business website with Info9 Technologies is fun! We follow transparent and fast business policies to offer you satisfactory services.

    Website development can be very tricky with so many technologies, layouts, color theme and features. But, Info9 Technologies makes it simple even to any non-techy person by explaining the pros and cons of everything.

    Know Before You Start!

    Hundreds of questions come in mind when someone plans to develop a custom website for their business. Check the most common ones and get instant answer.

    Free websites are good for getting your first online presence. But, you’ll have lots of limitations, even though you choose a premium package, because they create some plug-and-play type designs and you get less flexibility to create custom design. Also, you get a sub-domain which makes your business unprofessional.

    Free website builders are actually good for students to get some hands on experience on the digital world. These portals aren’t right solution for a business. Rather you are letting the free website builder option to know and copy your invaluable business concept. It’s always best to create custom website on any reliable technology. There are so many outstanding technologies that you can choose for low cost website development in USA or India.

    Every technology has its pros and cons. It’s your budget, requirement and feature of the technology that makes it suitable for you. So, it’s highly recommended, instead of getting confused reading online blogs, consult with a real expert and get practical suggestion. For more get in touch with us.

    Around 810 billion websites are build using WordPress! Without a robust security, performance and reliability, it couldn’t have reached such a giant number. 

    Actually, the security and performance of a website depends upon the skill and knowledge of a website developer in India. Even if you choose a costly technology, a novice developer can’t efficiently implement right security, resulting in poor security of website. So, think smart and take decisions wisely.

    To build a website, you need to spend money on domain booking, hosting server booking and website development. Based on your type of website, number of traffic, sensitivity of data and several other factors, the expenses may vary. There are several online platforms where you can buy domain and server easily, you need to contact any web development company in USA to build an efficient website.

    Simple to use layout, properly highlighting the products & services, strategically placed Call-to-Action buttons are some of the prime features. At the same time, your website needs to be SEO friendly, mobile optimized (responsive), fast, secure and bugs free. Based on your domain and business type, it can require several other features to fight with your competitors properly. Consult an expert for free to get right guidance.

    Freelancers have become a great option for small businesses to get an affordable service. But, it’s very tough to judge the expertise of a freelancer based on some ratings and reviews. On the contrary, you can legally get more control over a company and thus, it’s safer, if not cheaper to work with a reputed brand like Info9 Technologies Private Limited.

    Most of the latest websites are dynamic; which means you can update the major data and several settings easily without any coding knowledge. However, you need to explain your requirement clearly to your web development company in USA before you award the project, so that you get such a dynamic website.

    Yes, domain and servers are rented from third-party companies and thus they need to be renewed in recurring process. Also, if you are using any paid tool, API, etc, they also needs to be renewed. Another expense, that you might need to keep in mind is maintenance of your website to keep it bug free, up-to-date and working perfectly.


    Need more information before taking decision?

    Fill in the form and one of our executives will get back to you with all details. Till then check the packages to decide which one could fit your budget and requirement.

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